Amazon Echo Spot Review: Best Smart Alarm clock with Alexa

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Here we Review Amazon echo spot. It’s yet another echo smart speaker that you can use your voice to command and control it and talk to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It’s a circular touch screen that can display a clock information lists video and more just like the larger echo show.

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What we Know:

Amazon Echo Spot
Image Credit: HA/Amazon

It’s more than just a display it’s a smart speaker with Alexa built right in. We did a quick informal poll, It confirmed what we already suspected people don’t really use alarm clocks anymore. They use their phone and why not the phone works great for waking you up. But I think that if there was some innovation in the alarm clock space maybe people would choose something else.

I mean the clock radio isn’t exactly new technology anymore. So this is what Amazon’s going for with its new echo spot. It’s a little bit bigger than the echo dot it has a bigger speaker. You can get it in white or black and I definitely prefer the Black model.

Amazon Echo Spot
Image Credit: HA/Amazon

A screen that can show you the time the news your music and a whole lot more. With an echo spot, you can customize Alexa to help you rise and shine. Your Flash briefing starts your day with a forecast commute times or the latest trending news staying in touch. It’s just simple to make video calls to family and friends with an echo spot, echo show or the Alexa app.

Just ask to play music from Spotify Pandora Amazon music and more. You can listen through the built-in speaker or for even more sound connect echo spot to your external or Bluetooth speakers. The echo spot works with compatible smart devices to set the temperature turn on the lights. With the adjustable stand sold separately, you can see everything from the perfect angle. Alexa has tens of thousands of skills and Counting Alexa is always getting smarter and Alexa the all-new echo spot from Amazon.

Audio Performance

Amazon Echo Spot has a 1.4-inch, downward-facing speaker, that is pretty good for its size. It’s Speaker is far better than the Echo Dot’s Speaker. Echo Spot was definitely present, and the vocals were clear and relatively crisp. When the spot is at the max volume we noticed that a bit of distortion, but this isn’t a speaker this for room-filling audio. Playing music or adding some background tunes while chopping onions in the kitchen on Echo Spot the speaker is sufficient.

Amazon Echo Spot
Image Credit: HA/Amazon

The Amazon Echo spot’s speaker is pretty good for its size and far better than the Echo Dot. You can also connect another speaker via the Spot’s 3.5mm jack or with Bluetooth. The Echo Spot has four microphones but echo dot consists of seven microphones. Echo Spot picked your voice from across the room.

Amazon Echo Spot: Camera

Amazon Echo Spot
Image Credit: HA/Amazon

The amazon echo spot has a small camera that you can use to video call with other Alexa users. The small camera is right above the screen.  The quality of this camera is very good. Fortunately, the resolution of this camera is low enough but your pimples will be hidden from those chatting with you. The camera has a narrow field view. It is best for chatting if the spot is sitting on your desk or on a kitchen counter.

Amazon Echo Spot: Design

With features, Amazon Echo Spot is much more than in design. The design is excellent, cute, smooth and gorgeous. It comes in two colors black or white. This gadget is neatly enough for the design of its siblings. The spot is 4.1 inches and diameter is 3.8 inches tall for less man room crowd, its 480 x 480-pixel display surrounded by large bezels. Many people say that in future the bezel shrinks to fit for the entire face.

Image Credit: HA/Amazon

There is a tiny camera right above on screen and back 3.5mm audio jack. The size of this echo show is smaller than the Echo show 5 or other latest models. Its smart display screen allows you to video call on other echo spot or US number. In the bottom, you will find the power port and also an audio jack. When you see the top on Spot its has a button that turns the camera on or off and also has volume buttons with less distance. Amazon Echo Spot is friendly to use and when you put on the table its design makes a perfect gadget for you.

It covers with rubber padding to not slip when hanging on the table. The Spot is a great device for table video calls and also forgot your TV its compact design is small but it competes with TV. When you look at its size it looks like a mango. We all know mango not give technical proofs but it will describe a compact design and screen that makes an angle. The amazon echo is a great looking device for your Smart-Home.

Image Credit: HA/Amazon

Amazon Echo Spot: Features and Setup

The Echo spot unit is black reviewed but there’s also available in white color. The screen is small 2.5 inches with 480 x 480-pixel resolution. Top on the screen you will see a tiny camera with a whole there three sound controllers buttons, the three one is used for disable camera.

On the back on Spot, you will see an amazon branding and slot, also 3.5mm audio jack. Its have larger speakers at the bottom. You will also see a custom modification that you can make, let’s go into setting and obviously it is Bluetooth speakers it is normally connected to wi-fi. Go into home and clock you can see that we can sort that change the theme there’s analog selection and different colors choose your’s one.

Image Credit: HA/Amazon

You can also manually adjust the brightness of the speaker to taste and you will also see adaptive brightness features I do recommend to turn on. Setup is similar to other Echo devices but for this one, you type in your Wi-Fi thanks for built-in display.

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One of the most important features for me is the excellent alarm clock. You can wake up to music or tone and say ‘Alexa Good Morning’ it will tell you whether updates and news briefing. Its audio quality is far better than the Echo dot and almost good as standard echo devices. It can answer all questions according to his information.

Image Credit: HA/Amazon

When you Echo Spot is completely set up and running you have the option to watch Amazon Promo video for full guides how to use. You can also watch Amazon Prime Video, trailers, movies, and as well as songs. This device shows home screen messages, weather updates, notifications, events, trending topics, reminders, etc.

This post was originally published on 8, December 2019, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Images Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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