Best free website builders to check out in 2020

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There are plenty of free website builders but choosing the right one is harder. If you are struggling to find the best free website builder software, don’t worry you are in the right place. Here we try to choose the best of best web builders for creating a website for free.

There are lots of builders providing the opportunity to design and sketch your website for free. The use of these builders is pretty easy because these builders require little to no coding knowledge. Recently we think that a free thing has no value but when we do research on those free website builders it makes sense.

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Builders that we list have a lot of features in his free plans. Such as free professional-looking templates, built-in analytics, and many more.

Here we list 10 of the leading masters in website building.

So, now its time to check out 10 of the best free website builders in 2020!

1. Wix

2. Weebly

3. WordPress

4. Jimdo

5. Webnode

6. Goddady

7. Webflow

8. Strikingly

9. Webstarts

10. Mozello

Lets dig into this !

1. Wix – Best overall Website builder

Wix is the largest website builder in the world with more than 150 million users. It’s a fully hosted platform that provides the easy drag-and-drop editor and an amazing number of features it offers to use for free.

You have access to a large collection of professional-looking templates that are well-suited for many categories. There are premium features like Pro photo galleries, built-in Google Analytics (to monitor your site), email marketing campaigns, and many more.

wix''s the best free website builders
Credit: Wix

There are two downsides that are actually in Wix free plan is the very visible ad at the top that will stick around even as you scroll down and the URL of your website isn’t exactly good: it’s very long and pretty much impossible to remember.

The cheapest ad-free plan that also lets you use your own domain is called Combo. If you want to remove the Wix ad and want to connect your custom domain jump to the Wix Combo plan.

Wix Full Review

2. Weebly – Extremely easy to Use

Weebly, the San Francisco-based company has already been around since 2007 and powering more than 50 million websites worldwide. They have always offered a free plan that lets you create a small website. Compared to their competitors, Weebly’s probably not quite as fancy in terms of marketing.

The core focus has always been the quality of their product and nothing else. This has made Weebly one of the most successful site builders out there. Weebly’s a specially flexible website builder, compatible with every device and platform, and easy to use drag and drop interface.

 best free website builders
Credit : Weebly

Many other website builders have limits on their free plan but Weebly offers tons of free features in their free plan. You have access to tons of stylish templates, as well as an integrated CMS solution.

Weebly in-house editor comes with google analytics, Seo tools, PayPal integration, an automatic tax calculator, digital gift cards, and more. And the more interesting thing is the Weebly app store is open for free users.

Weebly full Review

3. – Ultimate for blogging is not WordPress, it’s not what most people think of when they hear WordPress. Most people know WordPress as, the popular open-source content management system. The truth is and have differences.

WordPress is a CMS, it’s powerful but it has a steeper learning curve, where is easier to use but it’s, simpler website builder. Unlikely is not a drag-and-drop visual editor as compared to its competitors in the market. It is a form-based editor that separates the content of pages from the design, powering more than 37 million sites.

 best free website builders
Credit: Hubspot

There are hundreds of themes to choose from, they are all responsive some are fresh in contemporary and some feel a bit outdated, both hundreds of themes you should be able to find one that works for you. It’s perfect for blogging, with this you can create your blog a success.

In there free plan the domain name is not eye-catchy, the extension something looks like ” “. For unlocking their advance features, like connect your own domain name, upgrade your account in just 5$. The lack we find, it’s not much beginner-friendly and their most templates designs are focused on blogging.

WordPress full Review

4. Jimdo – Ease of use in every way

Jimdo is a simple and clean website builder, that enables the users to create their own websites without having a web designing experience. More than 20 million websites have been built with Jimdo. It’s perfect for personal and small business owners.

It comes with many apps and has many great features. The website builder has a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, with the help of this editor, the user can build a website without having the knowledge of HTML language.

Credit: Google search

As compared to its other competitors Jimdo is quite limited for e-commerce options and in functionality and customization options. Their free plan is best for simple projects but unlocking their pro features, Jimdo offers very cheap plans to create your ad-free websites and to connect your own domain name. For more check out their pricing plans now.

Jimdo full Review

5. Webnode – For quick setup and good-looking site

Webnode is a drag-and-drop online website builder software that enables the expert and non-expert users to create your site in an easy way. It is available in more than 20 languages and has more than 40 million registered users. Webnode allows you to create a free website for an unlimited time.

They offer responsive design and have a large collection of beautiful templates. With the help of this builder, you can easily create a multilingual website. It has a great backup and restores features. Webnode does not bombard your site with lots of ads, just display a small Webnode ad.

 best free website builders
Credit: Hubspot

The Quite thing is that You can not connect your own domain name in their free plan. If you want to remove the’ Webnode ad, upgrade to their Standard plan or the Profi plan and if you want to connect your own domain just upgrade to their limited (3.95$) Plan.

Webnode full Review

6. Goddady – Beginner-friendly website builder

Without any doubt, Goddady is a well-known domain registrar and hosting company. Goddady has a custom website builder and has easy access to a lot of CMS (content management systems). It offers a very user-friendly website building solution to its users. Especially their main business is web hosting or domain names but you can also create a website with them.

As compared to its competitors it is very easy to use and provides a very beginner-friendly website builder. Goddady provides smartphone-optimized layouts and having a very well structured editor. They offer a 1-month free trial to create a website without any limit of features.

 best free website builders
Credit: Google search

You can not require any credit card for their 1-month trial. It uses ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence ) technology, so you can create a website in an easy way and faster than ever before. There are four plans available to select from, starting at a nearly affordable $10 per month. 

Goddady full Review

7. Webflow – One of the most customizable site builder

Webflow is an open-source SaaS application that is a next-generation tool for building an advanced web experience that lets users design, build, and launch websites visually. It’s an American company, based in San Francisco. Their online visual editor platform allows users to design, develop, and launch websites.

It provides many built-in tools such as Built-in SEO tools, Flexible integrations, Easy content updates, and more. As compared to its competitors Webflow provides an extremely easy to use and easy to customize drag-and-drop site building tool.

 best free website builders
Credit: Google Search

It offers one of the most customizable site builders on the market. It’s a Web Development Platform Of the future. You can launch your website fast, reliable, and hassle-free hosting network that scales with your business with a click. They offer to get started for free and they also have three premium sites plan called basic. CMS, and Bussiness.

Webflow full Review

8. Strikingly – Free for one page layouts

If you want to create a one-page websites the Strikingly is perfect for you. Strikingly was founded in 2012 and the website builder enables users with zero coding skills to create stunning websites or blogs. They also offer domain registration from the platform itself. The web builder has provided with a lot of features and ease of use and as well as user friendly to let people create websites on the go.

Their focus is on getting your website up in a cheap and fast way. It is also perfect for blogging. It is great for both personal and small business sites. While there aren’t many templates but, each template seems much professional and they are all different in structure and layout.

 best free website builders
Credit: Google Search

All of the templates are responsive, So your website will look nice on any device and on any screen size. Design customization is very easy, but it is limited.  With that, you can create a well-designed site with ultimate ease.

Strikingly has a free plan which is free forever. You can create unlimited free sites and a domain ending in “”. If you want to create a more advanced or professional site, so upgrade to one of their premium plans. Their starting plan called limited (8$ per month).

Strikingly full Review

9. Webstarts – Best website builder for small business Site

WebStarts is the best website builder and hosting platform with a drag-and-drop editor. It lets users customize their designs easily. If you want to create a business site and dose not sure which website builder to use, so we recommend Webstarts. The builder is designed for small businesses across all industries.

Credit: google Search

This website designing system lets users create professional sites and blogs. It consists of a lot of pre-built professional-looking templates to pick from. WebStarts themes are responsive, guaranteeing that your website looks great. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the Pro Plus and Business plans, but as compared to its competitors they offer mobile optimization as a standard feature.

With this builder, You can easily create your website up and running and can’t require any coding skills. Webstarts have a free plan to let you create a free simple website in a matter of minutes. For breaking the limits, they have 2 premium plans called pro Plus and Bussiness.

Webstarts full review

10. Mozello – Create Multilingual Sites

The Latvian-based company Mozello is a website builder that allows you to create a site for free. In there free plan there is advertisement but most visitors do not see it because it’s just a link in the footer. Mozello is a decent website builder but won’t give you the full set of features as compared to other builders in the market. With the help of this builder, you can create your website free in just a matter of minutes.

credit: google search

Many of their responsive themes allow for basic customization, and the site editor lets you build a decent business website. One of Mozello’s greatest specialties is its support for multiple languages, something only several builders are able to offer. Mozello offers a superb selection of themes to pick from.  Their other good features are inbuilt eCommerce function, SEO tools, and full blogging functionality.

The lacks are their drag-and-drop system isn’t as automatic or complex as compared to other options, and there aren’t a ton of design customization options. Upgrade to their premium plan and unlock tons of awesome features that let you build a robust business website. Their premium plans are well-priced, start at 7$.

Mozello full Review


So that is it! All the website builders we list, offer to get started for free. We can’t exactly tell you what builder is best for you because every user has different needs, likely every builder has different features such as one is easy to use and one is best for one-page layouts and more.

Read the small intro of each Website builder that we given or Try the few website builders to get the right builder that full fill your need. Furtherly, We list Wix at no 1 because it is perfect in all ways.

We hope in these website builders you can find a builder that full fill your needs, such as many people search the keywords like best free website builders for small business, best free builders for a photographer, the best free website builders for the artist, and many more.

Please don’t forget to tell which builder you can use, Please provide feedback, it’s is very important to us because with the help of your feedback we are able to identify our mistakes.

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    This post was originally published on 01, July 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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