Here’s the Best Horror Movies to watch right now

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Today, we are counting down the top best horror movies. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most successful and critically acclaimed horror movies of 2019 to be included on the list the movie must have been released in 2019. We are focus on ghosts hauntings and possessions paranormal horror movies made a huge come back in recent years. The fact is that this collection of movies is the best of best for horror entertainment.

Best Horror Movies of all time

best horror movies

10: Ma

Octavia Spencer as a villain in a horror movie was far from what we expected, but life is full of surprises. She plays the titular Ma an Ellington a lonely but seemingly hip woman who invites high-school students to party at her house. In this movie, she plays anything including a vengeful murderer and overall this movie is worth watching for her performance.

best horror movies

9: Crawl

We don’t see many monsters flicks in the horror category nowadays luckily we got a good one of this year. Crawl serves as a wonderful and nostalgic throwback to old-timey monster movies. This time concerning alligators who stalk the survivors of a devastating hurricane. As with most creature features, you’re not supposed to take the movie seriously it’s just a good bit of fun and it delivered all that is promised and more it features a superb lead performance from kaya Scodelario some quote bloody creature violence as the MPAA.

best horror movies

8: Doctor Sleep

It’s no easy feat to follow up a masterpiece like Stanley Kubrick’s. The shining but if there’s any director most fit for the task it’s the man behind such modern horror hits like the Haunting of Hellhouse and Hush Mike Flanagan. Doctor Sleeve acts as a sequel to the 1980 version of the shining as well as adaptation of Stephen kings 2013 book dr. sleep and while there are few hiccups in finding the right tone for movie Flanagan and his cast deliver new thriller addition. The film offers a few bone-chilling scares and nods to the source materials that will sure to keep you up at night.

best horror movies

7: Child’s Play

Anyone clamoring for a child’s play remakes not really especially seeing as hot the original series is still ongoing. But we got one anyway this child play updated Chucky by making him high-tech doll went haywire rather than the trapped spirit of a murderer. It’s an original and topical update to the story and it puts a fresh twist on the whole Andy Chuckie dynamic Mark Hamill also makes for a sinister Chucky. And Aubrey Plaza does an admirable job as Andy’s mother it’s not as instantly iconic as the original child’s play but as far as remakes go it’s pretty darn good.

6: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

It was a long time coming but it’s finally here. It’s the controversial series of kids books released throughout the 80s and early 90s and the source of a national stir due to their disturbing content while the stories themselves were quite spooking. It was Stephen Gamble’s horrifying illustration that was instantly burned into the minds of children everywhere. There’s a little something has everyone whether it’s young children experiencing their first foray into horror or adults wanting to bask in the glorious nostalgia of their own childhoods.

5: Ready or Not

This is arguably the horror-comedy of 2019. The film stars critically acclaimed Samara weaving as gray slit Domus a newlywed who’s hunted by her new in-laws as part of a bloody family ritual. As it effortlessly combines elements of the psychotic family horror story game inspired thrills and tension breaking laughs. It’s more of a dark comedy than straight horror as it places a large emphasis on goofy laughs. But unlike a lot of movies of its type the jokes are actually funny, and horror elements are actually scary.

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4: It Chapter Two *( Best movie in the list of horror movies )*

This horror movie is proved to be one of the biggest hits in 2017. Thanks to its established brand inventive scares and stellar stranger things. The second chapter proved to be a respectable and often horrifying follow up the scares. We got more Bill scars guards Pennywise and that’s always a bonus. It chapter 2 proved to the worthy conclusion to the story. It’s absolutely worth seeing for fans of the genre.

3: Midsommar horror movies

Midsommar had a lot to live up to as. It was following re asters instant classic hereditary and for the most part. Midsommar proved to be a haunting movie that provides a unique twist on an established horror sub-genre. Aster is a confident and assured director. He controls this bizarre and deeply disturbing story with an impressive mastery of his craft.

2: The Lighthouse *( Best Movie in the list of Horror movies )*

Robert Edgar’s as latest movie was also highly anticipated Eggers is known for the Witch. Which is often hailed as one of the best horror movies of the decade. The lighthouse is arguably even better and honestly, it will be hard for him to top this one. At a time when engaging original movies seemed to be dwindling. The lighthouse comes along and proves everyone that there’s tons of potential to mine and explorer within the horror genre. It’s a creepy surreal gorgeously movie and led by some truly commanding performances.

1: Us *( Best horror movie )*

In the age of endless reboots remakes and sequels, Us was an exceptional and highly ambitious movie. It features stellar performances and haunting cinematography in a highly tense and scary movie with a theme to think about. While some think that it fell apart is a story. We would argue that it was never concerned with telling a straight forward story. It’s an allegory and like most allegories. It asks Us to contemplate discuss and come to understand something about a particular theme. In regard, we succeeded in spades leaving Us with a breathtaking horror movie.

This post was originally published on 17, January 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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