Best TVs: Top hottest TVs model to buy right Now

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Now, this is a market for new and best TVs. The QLED series is fantastic and best for budget TVs. All we know shopping for TVs is not easy big trouble to buy the best. Every week the television companies launch big offers discounts to compete with other brands. There are the many alternatives of 75 inches screen. You will find the great TV on our below list. HA Bytes spent over 300 hours testing and reviewing more than 30 sets to find the best TVs for 2019. So you can trust us and scroll down for Television.

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Here are the Best TVs in 2019

Samsung Q90R QLED TV 2019 || Best Tvs
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Best TVs: Samsung Q90R QLED TV 2019

Type: 4K HD TV | Color: Cardon Silver | Design: Q-Solid | Screen Size: 64.5 inches | Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 | Processor: Quad-Core | USB: 3

Samsung Q90R has 360 degrees design and looks good from all the angles. Samsung provides a stand that provides solid support and best style. It doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 and also a smart TV. Samsung has lots of apps like Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Youtube, etc. It provides a high-level picture quality with effective local dimming. Samsung is available in different screen sizes such as 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches.

Tv’s main purpose is to serve picture quality and video streaming. Samsung Q90R serves a great user experience to watch content.

 OLED LG C9|| Best Tvs
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Best Budget TV: OLED LG C9

Type: OLED | Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) | Operating System: webOS | Processor: Alpha 9 2nd generation | USB: 3 | Dolby : yes | Weight: 23kg

The best TV which has AI features with great Alpha 9 2nd generation processor. It comes with different screen sizes such as 55-, 65-, 77-inches with the big-picture display. LG C9 offers some of the best designs in the world with its unique technology. The picture quality is superb with black colors and also the best experience with 4K. Its processor handles all smart-TV functions with superb AI- brightness.

Samsung Q900R QLED TV
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Best 8K TVs: Samsung Q900R QLED TV

Type: QLED | Resolution: 7,680 x 4,320 | Processor: Quantum | Design: Solid Q | Screen Size: 82” | USB: 3 | Weight: 51.2 Kg

The design of the Q900R is excellent and solid. Like much newer Samsung TVs, this model includes a One Connect box as you can connect all your cables and power for the TV to this box. Only a single thin cable connects to the display, there is no extra power connection required. The 8K panel has very high pixel density which looks especially impressive from close up. We were able to get one 8K video file to play via USB ports on the TV.

TCL 6-Series QLED (2019)
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Best TVs: TCL 6-Series QLED (2019)

Type: QLED | Resolution: 4k | Processor: Quantum | Design: better| Screen Size: 65”or 55” | USB: 3 | Weight: 25.8 Kg

It is a TCL 6 series Qled Tv 2019. This TCL Series 6 is also known as R625. This is one of the best TVs the TCL made last year. It is the best budget-friendly 4k led tv that tries to play with the heavy hitters from the higher-end companies, such as Samsung and Sony. It comes with 2 versions one is 55” or 65” inches. We expect the smaller size to have a very similar picture quality with slightly less local dimming Zones, which shouldn’t affect picture quality by any significant margin.

It also supports Dolby Vision and has outstanding Bargain. In this tv, TCL Includes Quantum Technology. It also has a revised design. The feet are sturdier and really help the tv be planted and not wobble. The R625 is an updated Tv for 2019 from TCL.

Samsung Q70R series
Image Credit: Google Images

The Best TV: Samsung Q70R series

Type: QLED 4K TV | Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 | Screen size: 64.5″ | Design: Stylish Q | USB: 2 | Weight: 54.9lb

The design of the Samsung Q70R looks flashy and excellent. This Tv looks very similar to other Samsung TVs like the Q8FN form the last year. It has the typical Samsung stand that supports the TV well but does require a larger table as it is almost as wide as the TV. It is available with different screen sizes such as 49- ,55- ,65- ,75- , and 82-inches and dimensions is 1231 x 780 x 248mm. This TV provides great picture quality experience. It is best suited in the dark or medium room though, due to the high native contrast that allows it to produce deep blacks.

Sony Bravia XBR65AIE || Best tvs
Image Credit: Google Images

The Best Budget TV: Sony Bravia XBR65AIE

Type: OLED | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Screen Size: 65″ | HDR: Yes | USB: 3 | Weight: 79.8lb

The Sony OLED A1E has a fancy design and it doesn’t look like the average TV. It doesn’t have a traditional stand. Instead, it leans back on its stand. The advantage of this forms the front, you don’t see any stand at all. However, it is angled back and facing the ceiling which is a little bit inconvenient. Sony runs on the Android TV platform and also the company put his idea to the Smart TV system. You can also use the Google Home Mini or smartphone as a feature. If you are interested in using Alexa you can also buy the Echo assistant to control the TV.

This post was originally published on 5, December 2019, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Images Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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