10 Best websites to download free music legally

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When we Come to Downloading music online, there are thousands of websites available that offer free downloadable music but not all are legal. You have your first split which are sites that are legal and sites that are illegal. So, here we picked the top 10 best websites to download free music and that is fully legal.

Many people search on the internet on how to download free music. But there are many people that are not sure where to download free music. Here we picked the list of the best websites that offer to download music for free with one single click. Just Visit the link of these websites.

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10 websites to download free music

Before we go in the deep of these websites, here is the list of these top free music websites…

1. SoundCloud

2. Jamendo

3. ReverbNation

4. Free Amazon Music Store

5. last.FM

6. Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

7. Free Music Archive

8. Sound Click

9. Audiomack

10. Noise Trade

1. Sound Cloud

Sound cloud
Image Credit: HA/Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is one of the top websites in our list. It is one of the famous websites that offer to download songs legally as well as on youtube. Here you can find a variety of audio tracks from mixes and release tracks and many more.

Yet there are so many bands or singers that you will surely find something to your liking. By the way, most of them have great room texas on famous tracks that you never hear elsewhere. In this online music community, you can find independent artists and famous musicians.

You can search songs through the band, artists’ tags in the search bar. There is not all music is free, some of them even require you to like the facebook page to obtain the track. But many of them can be download by instantly hitting the free download button.

Visit Now SoundCloud.com

2. Jamendo Music

Download free music from jomendo
Image Credit: HA/Jamendo

Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based music website. It is a community of independent artists or music lovers. It is the world’s largest digital service for free music. Jamendo library has  600000+ free songs and 40000+ independent artists all over the world.

These thousand of songs keep you busy for a long time. You can choose to listen to music via streaming audio or download as many albums or individuals tracks as you like. Jamendo is an excellent choice for free and legal digital music. There you can find artists who are up and coming to a lot of new artists a lot of European artists.

They put them up on this site because they want exposure and discoveries. If you’re hearing music that none of your friends has heard, I know there is a cool thing that I like is you can show your friends the new upcoming bands. This is the site where you would find that and you can download music for free no royalty totally legal.

Visit Now Jamendo.com

3. ReverbNation 

Download free music from Reverb Nation
Image Credit: HA/Reverbnation

ReverbNation was a very nice layout and they offer you right away, upfront is completely free and that’s awesome.ReverbNation has millions of artists of different genres. You can discover what you like and most of the artist allows you to download their music for free.

You can stream whatever you want but you have to check to see if a free download option is enabled. Reverbnation Website behind the popularity of bands like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons. Reverbnation has a hugely loyal fanbase. For those who discover more, so go to discover section which brings a good collection of audio songs to download for free.

Visit Now Reverbnation.com

4. Amazon Music Store

Download free music from amazon
Image Credit: HA /Amazon Music

Amazon music store publically launched on September 25, 2007, and is operated by Amazon.com. If you finding the best way to download free music So, Amazon.com stores thousand of free songs. Here, as well you never gonna find major label artists but you would find a lot of the classical music and then you would find upcoming bands as well who want to list their music as a free download.

On Amazon Music Store a cool thing we discover just go to the filters and check “all free music on amazon.com”. When you check this out you can show all free Music on the Amazon music store.

Visit Now Amazon Free Music Section

5. last.FM

Image Credit: HA/last.fm

Last.fm is one of the best music services that learns what you love. Last.fm was created in 2002, it is initially functioned as an internet radio station. In 2005, Audieoscrobbler adopted the site. It is the best music recommendation system that collects music from different media players and music streaming websites to create customized individual profiles based on user musical taste and listening habits. Last.fm is the best website to download music for free. You can check out the list of downloadable music from free music downloads.

On Last.fm you can get cool stuff like your own music charts, new music recommendations, and a big community of other music lovers.

Visit Now Last.fm

6. Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

Internet Archive
Image Credit: HA/Internet Archive

The Internet archive audio section not only offers you to download free music but also here you can find audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs, and live music. Internet archive audio library contains over 2 million free digital music. In the Internet, archive Songs are not categorized. A music lover can sort the audio tracks available according to the year of publishing, creator, language, and other filters.

We were able to find free music downloads from all kinds of artists and even the global. The best thing we find on this website is you can download music safely for free and in multiple file formats such as mp3 and Ogg.

Visit Now Internet Archive Audio Library

7. Free Music Archive

free music Archive
Image Credit: HA/Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a royalty-free music service. It was established in 2009 by East Orange, New Jersey community radio station WFMU. Free Music Archive aims to provide music under the creative commons license to download free music legally. This is an interactive service of more than  5,000 high-quality legal audio downloads directed by WFMU. Free Music Archive Indexed free music posted by all of its partner curators and second, it also allows the user to post their own music.

This service Contains a Mind-Blowing library of tracks that you could spend months browsing through. This website also hosts Podcast and renowned radio stations such as Seattle’s KEXP, But they are also free.

Visit Now Free Music Archive

8. Sound Click

Download free music
Image Credit: HA/Soundclick

SoundClick since started in 1997 and has millions of tracks across over dozen genres including hip-hop, country, jazz, etc.SoundClick is also the best service that provides free music downloads directly from the artist is a website. On SoundClick Serval artist on the platform offering their music for free. You can buy licensed songs or download free ones legally. This free music download website is a little cluttered and the UI isn’t that friendly.

This site consists of some cool features such as creating custom radio stations, interacting with other listeners on the forum and many more.

Visit Now SoundClick

9. Audiomack

Download free music| Audiomack
Image Credit: HA/Audiomack

The Audiomack is a music sharing platform that has a user-friendly interface which makes it the best SoundCloud alternative. This free music download website is a hub for artists and music lovers to discover amazing music. Audiomack has well-categorized sections such as top songs, trending, top albums that help you to discover great music. The trending section consists of hottest Hip Hop, Electronic and Reggae listed in real-time. Which made quit among the young Population.

On the Audiomack not all the songs are free, but many artists offer their track of music for free downloading. You can stream unlimited songs through the Website on Desktop PC or android.

Visit Now Audiomack

10. Noise Trade

Noise trade|| Download free music
Image Credit: HA/Noise Trade

The NoiseTrade has an amazing collection of albums by serval artists who want you to check out their creations. On NoiseTrade Music are completely free and legal to download. Here You can find the latest tracks through click on the trending section and Top Downloads. On this Website, each album briefly contains descriptions and info about similar artists. On NoiseTrade you can download any individual track or album of an independent artist.

This freemium platform also encourages u to spread the word about the artist via social media. This is the best site for Listing and Downloading free music Try us.

Visit Now NoiseTrade

This post was originally published on 6, December 2019, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Images Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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