How to create & use a password reset disk in Windows 10 PC

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What is Password Reset Disk ?

A password reset disk is a file you create on a USB drive that when you plugged into your Windows PC, it enables you to access your account on a local computer by resetting the password in the case that the password is forgotten. When you create the password reset disk, it allows you to reset your password no matter how many times you have changed the password

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How to Create a Password Reset disk for Windows 10 ?

Creating a password reset disk is a vital part of a password-protected PC using a password reset disk you can quickly recover the password of a local administrator account in the case of a forgotten password. Keep in mind that you have to create the password reset disk before you actually forget or lost the password.

You cannot create a reset disk after you have forgotten your password. Once you have created the disk place it on a safe place from where only you can easily find it. To create a password reset disk you can use a USB flash drive or a memory card.

Important Note: This method will only work on a local account, not on a Microsoft account.

1. Plugged your SD card or USB drive into your Windows PC

Plug your USB drive to your pc

2. Press Windows key + S on your keyboard to bring up the search bar, and type create a password reset diskin the search bar, and then click on Create a password reset disk from the list of results.

Search for " create password reset disk" and press enter

3. When you click on create a password reset disk, Forgotten Password wizard will appear, click next.

Click on next

4. Next, Chose your USB flash drive from the dropdown menu in which you want the password reset disk to be created on and then click Next.

select USB and click next

5. Type the current password of the local administrator account that you are logged into and then click Next.

type your current password

6. So When the progress bar reaches 100%, click on the Next button, and then click finish.

Click on next after progress bar reaches 100%

Click on finish

Now the windows password reset disk is successfully created on your USB drive. Now place it to a safe place where you can easily find it. Now, When you ever forget your password then you can use this reset disk to change the password and get back the access of your administrative account.

How to use password reset disk to reset windows 10 password?

So, you’ve forgotten your password. Fear not, your password reset disk will save the day.

Before you start, make sure you have your USB drive inserted into your PC.

1. First, try a few of password with best guesses if all fails then insert your USB flash drive or memory card in which you created a password reset disk and wait for a couple of seconds so Windows can detect the drive then click on the reset password link as shown in the image.

Click on reset password link
Credit: Troubleshooter

2. Click Next to continue the password reset wizard.

Click on next

3. Next, select the drive from the drop-down menu in which password reset disk you created and then click on next.

Select the drive from the drop-down

4. Create entirely a new password and hint with which you want to login to your PC and then click on Next.

type new password and click on next

5. Here you will get a validation message that your password has been reset. Now you can use this new password to login to your windows 10 Pc again.

Completing the password reset disk

So that is it, by following these steps you can easily create and use the password reset disk when u forget your password. Keep this reset disk in the safest place where you can easily find them in the password forget situation.

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