Google Nest Hub Review: Great Device with excellent features

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The fourth addition to the google home family and google to answer the amazon echo show has arrived. It is called Google home hub but recently Google changes its name that is called Google Nest Hub. This is the most uniquely capable google home yet and remarkably different from the others. It adds up to a surprisingly delightful smart display that will likely fit in every room in your home.

It looks like a tablet and mainly focused on making your life easier and organized your daily schedule for making lists in daily life. Like an Amazon Echo, Google Home Hub is something the same revolution. So let’s dig into this.

Pros ✅
  • Simple & minimalist style
  • Cheaper than Echo Show
  • Music on-demand
  • Easy phone calling
Cons ❌
  • Doesn’t like G Suite accounts
  • Smaller screen
  • Weak audio
  • No Camera

What is Google Nest Hub?

If you are interested in making your home smarter, So this device is perfect for you. It consists of a Google Assistant that can help you in your room, kitchen (for cooking instruction), and many more. Basically it is a device that can easier your life and help you to make your home smarter. It recognizes your voice commands while using a Google Nest and built-in Bluetooth 5. It can easily connect with Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and also in Chromebooks.

Price and Availability

Google Nest Hub comes out on October 22, 2018. Its latest price in the US $99, £ 75 and in Australia around $145.

When it newly comes out its price is $149, £139 and in Australia around $210 but in 2020 the price of the Nest hub or Home Hub is very cheaper as compared to 2018. Compare to its main competitor Amazon Echo show will set you back $230 (£220, AU$350).  There is some difference between the echo show or google hub is that the echo show has a camera and Google Nest hub has not. So this is why the Amazon echo show price is higher than google’s hub.

Cheapest Deal: Buy Now Google Nest Hub just in $79 from eBay

Superior Design and Display

google home hub Review

So design-wise the google home hub has an attractive view. At first, we were taken aback by just how small the Google Nest was? especially when we compared to other smart displays on the market but the more we used it the more it made sense. While bigger smart displays are really more suited for common spaces like the kitchen or the living room. The smaller size of the Google Nest Hub essentially makes it more personal.

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One of the most talked-about features of the Nest Hub is actually the lack of one, it doesn’t have a camera. The idea here is that without a camera you’ll feel more comfortable putting it in private spaces like the bedroom. It looks like a mini-tablet that’s been glued on to a speaker. We have a microphone mute switch on the back as well as a volume slider but that’s about it. We also get a power connector on the back because you do need to have Google Nest Hub plugged in all the time.

Google Nest Hub Black Review

It’s surprising to see that the Google Home is designed along the same line. Its big step is that the chunky original echo show and a bit nice to look at than the echo show. Google Nest Hub screen resolution is not quite up. There is the first-gen amazon echo 1,200 x 800-pixel display but it more than an inaccurate in colors ratio. With 7-inches screen the Google Home looks a very tiny ( 179 x 118 x 67mm). Back on the screen, there are dedicated volume buttons and switch that turns off the microphone to stop Google Nest it from listening in.

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You can also swipe up on the screen from the bottom to display and use the touch volume control panel instead. The Nest hub is clad in a soft fabric finish in a variety of colors designed to blend into your home decor. So at the top of the display, the Nest Hub has an ambient light sensor. It combined with a technology called ambient EQ will automatically detect and mesh the Lightning color in your environment. So if the room is dark, the Nest Hub display will dim appropriately. Which is great if you’re using it on your bedside table.

Google Nest Hub Features

The Special features in Nest Hub are we’re using Google Assistant. If you control your home with your voice so google assistant helps to do this. It can play music, access media, manage tasks, control your smart home, make calls, and do more – with just your voice. Google home assistant is a tire of google home and other Google smart home devices.

Google Assistant

Nest Hub’s main menu will be greeted with a card-based interface showing the weather and your calendar events. First and the important thing is they don’t support G suite accounts for Email, Calendar, and appointments or Google photos. While in the Amazon Echo show you can easily access G Suite accounts also there is no technical limitation, that google has artificially introduced.

When you see the home screen of your Google Nest Hub you will see your current weather and all list your headlines. When you swipe on your Nest Hub screen you can view music and Youtube suggested videos. If you watch Netflix on it, all you need to install the app and set up and enjoy it.

Google's Nest hub

As we know Google Home is powered by Google Search. So it is very accurate to find your local locations and businesses also answering your generic questions. The more function is that when you install a third-party application then Google will ask you “Are you sure to install this third-party application”.

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Youtube was built-in this device. This is great for all kinds of videos, & including your interesting videos. The touch screen will allow you to pause your content. You can play music on Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Google Play Music or Youtube Music.

There are too far few microphones on the front with a microphone mute toggle on the back. The volume rocker on the side like other Google power smart display devices. The Nest Hub works well with Google apps and services once you sync it up with your Google account. For example, it will automatically pull in your calendar appointments and display them on the screen.

Google Nest Hub Microphone button

The home hub also works great in the kitchen for step-by-step cooking guides. For example, just say “Google show me recipes for chicken soup” and you will see a list of recipes from content partners. Google Apps is on here as well you can ask for directions and have them sent directly to your phone. With Google Nest Hub you can control all your Google and nest devices in your home.

It looks like a lovely photo frame instead of an obnoxious piece of tech. Recently released Google photos feature called live albums. Choose the people or pets you wanna see and Google will automatically add photos of them to this album that live to the Nest Hub screen. You get the perfect digital photo frame of your friends.

Here we listed, What can Google Nest Hub do?

1. It will allow you to view your daily schedule and Reminders.

2. Google Nest Hub control compatible lights, cameras, and TV.

3. You can see your photos in Google Photos through Google Nest hub.

4. Access answers to your questions and also about like recipes, weather reports and businesses, Play Music and many more.

5. You can watch the latest news and also Makes Calls.

Sound Quality

As far as the sound quality of the Nest Hub is actually pretty decent for its size. No, it Sound doesn’t as good as the larger than home max but it sounds better than the mini. There’s minimal bass in the Sun quality but the audio is punchy enough and max volume is loud enough to hear from across the room.

The Google Nest Hub is with a 7-inches screen with fabric speakers, like a Google Home and Google Home Mini. Google also said that Google Home has a full range of speakers, but there’s no more information than that. It is safe to say that is not a smart speaker in the same as Google Home Max or Amazon Echo.

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Audio is better to turn for the voice responses and Youtube video than music, I found that Google Home is very loud and clear. I also found that the audio of Home Hub is good for a small display. But it is very good for a small kitchen and room to enjoy low voice music. The Home Hub or Nest Hub has a single range of a roundabout 1.6-inches speakers behind the screen.

While the new amazon echo shows dual two-inch drivers with bass radiator. Actually, the Nest Hub is not designed for music, TV show, or film. If you think you need a good voice or bass than your choice is Amazon Echo ( 2nd gen ).

Google Nest Hub Video Quality

Google's Nest hub
Image Credit: Google Images

The Google Nest Hub Comes with the 7-inches screen. The screen is Sharp, clear, and contrast, it will have a great choice for those who love to watch videos on Youtube. The image quality of Nest Hub is great even when you see above the screen or stand to the side.

So at the top of the display, the Google Nest Hub has an ambient light sensor, that will automatically detect and mesh the Lightning color in your environment.

The Google said that the quality of the display is excellent


6 Bonus tips For Nest Hub

1. Tailor your Nest Hub for nighttime

2. Control your smart home devices

3. Get driving or walking directions

4. Train Google Home to recognize your voice

5. Connect a music streaming service

6. Turn a Google Home Hub into a digital photo frame

The Verdict

Google Nest Hub is the conceivably best Smart display in the market. It comes with a really great looking 7-inches screen that mounted into a small fabric. Google nest Hub comes up with many excellent features, but there are only two things that are not in google nest hub, one is lack of camera and the second one is the sound quality that isn’t mindblowing.

It even sounds pretty good when playing music but sound quality won’t be good enough when you’re an audiophile. Google Nest Hub is easier to interact with Google Assistant to manage your smart home and daily tasks routine in your daily life. When you cooking it will very helpful for you because it will tell you Step-by-step cooking guides that are pretty cool.

So the Final Verdict is that the Home Hub isn’t missing many features. If you compared the nest hub to its main competitor Amazon Echo show. The one It’s missing comparatively important, a screen small side means most video watching will need to occur in your living room. While it’s great for photos. If you finding the cheaper and best smart home device with more features we Recommended.

This post was originally published on 9, October 2019, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Image Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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