How to take a screenshot on windows 10

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Taking a screenshot maybe a little task but in our everyday life, it has become an important part of online life. You need to take screenshots and submit to tech support or maybe capture remarkable moments on your computer. So we will guide you on how to take a screenshot on windows 10.

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There are many different ways to take a screenshot on windows Pc but here we find the most effortless process of capturing a screenshot. The method we have given below is simplest and do not need any good knowledge about computer. Just follow the steps given below and capture a screenshot in less than a minute.

Just follow these easiest steps to capture your screen in windows 10

  1. Press Win + PrtSc to capture a screenshot.
  2. Now open Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot you capture.
  3. Press Ctrl + S and select location where u want to save screenshot then Click on Save button.
  4. Finally, the screenshot was successfully taken and Saved to your selected location.

How to take a screenshot on window 10 (with Pictures)

If you are troubling to take a screenshot so check the steps in detail with pictures.

Step 1: Press (Win + PrtSc) to Capture Image

If you want to capture your screen press windows + Print Screen ( Win + PrtScn ). These buttons located on the left side on the Space Bar button. Alternatively, you can also press Alt + Print Screen Key to capture screenshots on windows. If you’re using a laptop you may need to press Fn + Print Screen or Win + Print Screen Keys.

Press Win + PrtSc from keyboard to Capture Image

In many computers, sometimes taking screenshots isn’t work. Its solution is that wait for 1-2 minutes and then try it will work well. Some laptops use Fn + Prtscn key to taking screenshots because of registers’ three keys instead.

Step 2: Open Paint and Press Ctrl+ V to paste screenshot

When you captured a screenshot, the next step is that open the start menu and explore the paint.

Open Paint and Press Ctrl+ V to paste screenshot

After opening Paint, Press Ctrl + V keyboard keys or Paste button in the upper left corner in a paint program. You see the image you captured appears on the paint screen. There you can crop or add some more to your capture image.

Pasting the screenshot in paint

Step 4: Finally Saving the Screenshot

 Finally Saving the Screenshot

Choose your image file format, JPG will good but more variety available to choose from such as PNG, BMP, GIF or others. Next, you will choose your location where u want to save your screenshot.

click on the Save button

So, the last step is to click on the Save button, and your screenshot was successfully saved to your selected location.

And that’s it! You’re done excellently. We hope you understand this how-to Guide.

Watch the video tutorial on taking a screenshot on windows 10!

The post was originally published on 10, November 2019, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Images Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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