Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Pricey but worthy

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Samsung is a famous phone flagship company in the world but after launching the S20 series Samsung gains more reputation through (attack numbers of specifications). Now, Samsung launches a new phone in this series is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which is the top-line flagship mobile Smartphone in 2020. Samsung has the most famous smartphones in the market but they didn’t use the “Ultra” word in any of them. When you search on Google Ultra means is “extremist”, “radical” or “revolutionary”. I think Samsung decided to justice with the word “Ultra” with large attack numbers of specifications.

The most supreme feature is 5G before this Samsung has not 5G smartphones but in 2020 Samsung decided to put 5G in S20 Ultra which makes the S20 series unbeatable. Samsung S20 Ultra is packed with large numbers of top features 100x zoom, 108MP cameras, giant screen, and 5G (technology). Its screen refresh rate is twice faster than last year OnePlus 7 Pro and Google Pixel 4.

This new Samsung flagship phone is too expensive for some customers but they have a reason for the expensive price because of 5G technology there’s no 4G option exist. It also named the best camera phone in the market with 100x zooming capability to capture clear images. Note: We do our best to provide you the best of best quality content but, If you find we do not provide value in our content so please tip us to improve our user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Specifications

Price$1,400, AU$1,999, £1,199
LaunchMarch 2020, 6
Dimension166.9 x 76 x 8.8 mm
Rear CameraQuad camera: 108 MP, 12 ultra wide, 48 telephoto MP
Front Camera40 MP front-camera
Zoom100x zooming power
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 865
RAM12 GB / 16 GB
Storage128 GB / 512 GB
Video8K video (7,680 x 4,320) at 24 fps
microSDYes, Up-to 1 TB
Screen Size6.9 inches

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Design

Anyhow, this new Samsung flagship has many numbers of the specification which make him the best Smartphone of 2020. The specification is an important part of any phone but having no attractive design all specifications is worst.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra gives two options in color (Cosmic grey and Cosmic black) which is the best fit for me but many of person doesn’t like this color much. The blue color is only available in S20 and S20 Plus on other Pink is only for S20 smaller size.

Actually this phone is tall-not-wide mean its dimensions (166.9mm x 76mm), also it’s much thicker than S20 and S10 series. It is heavier than with weight 220g which is between S10 Plus weight 175g and Galaxy Fold at 276g. As before Samsung doesn’t have an outstanding palm rejection feature, when we touched the edges try to press the shutter button camera but they set on multi-touch and a zoom-in feature, in its single press button place.

This Smartphone has an outstanding camera (108MP) anyhow Samsung made no sacrifice to his camera. It is big but enough stylish and many people like this phone because of its camera picture quality and 5G wave technology.

This phone looks well built and traditionally design by Samsung. Its screen size (6.9) is larger than last year Galaxy Note 10 Plus (6.8). We noticed that Samsung made no mistake in its big size. If you’re are a small size Smartphone lover than Samsung S20 Ultra is not fit for you.

Question from Design

Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Design Worth it or not?

In short, Yes it’s worth it. Its design is big and glorious. As well as S20 Ultra has a bunch of SPECS list that makes this phone more worthy.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Display

Samsung has made the best display phone which comes with a 6.9-inches display which is taller, but not wide. S20 Ultra is the largest display phone in the Galaxy S series. Samsung Ultra is a giant phone, especially the giant smartphone that is not fit for everyone.

We remember when smartphone display getting bigger and bigger and than Samsung crossed 6.3-inches phone by launched Samsung Mega. People thought it was kind of crazy, its size looked like a tablet.

But today we are here with Galaxy S20 Ultra bigger than any Samsung mega or even the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S10 phone. Its display won’t hurt you much it can fit in jeans-pocket and you can use Galaxy S20 Ultra comfortably with your two hands. It’s fit for me but some peoples don’t like bigger displays than S20 Ultra is not for him.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with Super AMOLED panel, the display is very bright with deep black colors. The most important display factor is its 120hertz refresh rate. This smartphone comes with a 1080p display, 3200 x 1440 QHD resolution, and 60 hertz by enabled.

But 120Hz disabled by default, you can enable it from setting. After turning 120Hz you will quickly notice that your phone offers smooth scrolling. Even 120Hz is very best for play games faster refresh rate. With Samsung, S20 Ultra looks like pure gaming phone like Asus ROG Phone 2 and Razer Phone 2.

Question from Display

Is Galaxy S20 Ultra Display is enough big?

The S20 Ultra is a big phone. Too big, maybe for some small size lover. Its display doesn’t hurt so much but for some people, it is not comfortable and didn’t fit in a pocket.

How much size of this Smartphone?

Its screen size is 6.9 inches big. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is taller but not wider phone actually. With its 6.9 inches screen, it is thicker than iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Samsung S20 Ultra Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is one and the only phone comes in the market with a big Specs sheet. So if you like its Specs sheet then you will surely love it. When you read its Specs Sheet then surely its processor and RAM made your firm decision to buy it. This new flagship smartphone performance is on top-notch. You can say it easily compete with a laptop.

Samsung promise about Ultra smartphone performance and less battery consumption. Samsung S20 Ultra comes with (Exynos 990 in Europe) and (Snapdragon 865 in the USA). All-round its performance brilliant with its 12 or 16GB RAM which is more than a laptop. With 128GB and 512GB storage options available.

There’s no surprise combination of Snapdragon 865 with 12GB RAM that can easily handle your multitasking, like PUBG, Fortnite, or etc. Especially when playing a game with 120Hz, its responsiveness gives extraordinary gaming experience. While it’s Exynos 990 chip gives the same performance no doubt.

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In our Geekbench 5’s multi-core test, the Samsung S20 Ultra delivered 3,076 scores. But in the case of iPhone 11 Pro Max Geekbench scores are 3,517. Samsung also allows you to empty your memory and make your phone performance faster.

Question from Performance

Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra good for gaming?

This flagship comes with Snapdragon 865 with 12GB RAM. You can easily compete for s20 ultra specifications with some laptops. You can say it, very good for gaming with its processor, RAM, and its 120HZ responsiveness.

Is S20 Ultra waterproof?

Yes, the galaxy s20 ultra is waterproof with IP68 rating. It can survive up to 30 minutes in three feet of water.


One of the attacks of numbers specification is its 5G technology. Samsung S20 Ultra supports 5G version for potentially much faster 5G network speeds. But apparently also an LTE only version. Most smartphones support the only millimeter-wave feature but S20 Ultra provides both mm-wave and sub-6 GHz bands technology. 5G network technology is 4x faster than 4G. Are you exciting about 5G technology? You should wait depending on your country, 5G now rolling out across countries.

Question from 5G

4G VS 5G technology which is better and why?

There is no doubt 5G is better than 4G (LTE). Because 5G is 4x potentially much faster than the 4G technology.


Samsung won to make a bigger phone and build the most high-performance smartphone. The most important new feature in this phone is its camera system with 100x space zoom. The whole popularity point of S20 Ultra is its camera, the Samsung beat his competition with his 108MP camera and 5G technology.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra squad camera setup is the crown jewel atop this particular slab of glass and metal. It comes with the 108-megapixel main camera, a 48MP (f3/5, 4x optical zoom), a 12MP ultra-wide, and with tof depth sensor.

The rear camera doesn’t have a variable aperture like last some models and missing with dual autofocus. But don’t worry Samsung does something else and its special thing is it combines 9 pixels into one and improves quality.

Here are a few samples of DayLight;

In daylight image quality is good color rendition is lively but not over top.

The dynamic range is wide though highlights look better than shadows there’s very low noise and you get plenty of details. While we comparing to last year’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus there is much more fine detail here and this rendition could be cleaner.

But there are some issues detected when it comes to taking pictures of people you get aggressive skin brightening and smoothing and for some reason, some shots often come out blurred. But don’t worry about that Samsung stated

that they will fix this in a future software update.


The shots taken with full 108MP resolution don’t really offer many benefits over the 12MP ones you can capture details this way sometimes. The S20 Ultra periscope lens has plenty of zoom levels though it is 4x zoom natively the others all done with digital assistance to achieve 2x zoom.

There is no autofocus either which is pretty big omission for such a large and advanced camera setup.

Here are few samples of Low-Light;

The main camera delivers excellent images with nice zoom detail and well contained noise colors. The colors are punchy and the dynamic range is very good too if you turn on “night mode” you get better development in shadows and it helps to glow with source colors.

The cons are that it can take up to 10 seconds to capture a night mode photo. When it comes to low-light performance the ultra-wide-angle is a noticeable improvement for Samsung with decent dynamic range.

When Samsung S20 Ultra comes to zooming at night sticking to telephotos native 4x zoom level will get you the best quality pictures.

While selfies are taken from the 40-megapixel quad bear front-facing camera these are enough good with plenty of detail and nice colors. The nice feature is it automatically zoom out when there are more people in the shot. You can also record 4K selfie videos and look excellent with great use of colors.

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The main camera record video in 4K at 30 or 60 fps. The 30 fps video quality is quite good to provide plenty of detail with a wide dynamic range. the 60 fps video has some extra sharpening going on but color levels and dynamic range are similar to the 30 fps.

You can also shoot video in 8K at 24 fps from the main camera it provides the best quality than 4K video. In low-light, the video quality is awesome a substantial improvement over the notes. There’s also night hyper-lapse mode quality is nice impressive and you enjoy the light trails coming from cars headlight.

Question from Camera

How many megapixels does this phone has?

This smartphone has 108MP rear camera and a 40MP selfie camera with 100x space zooming features. Galaxy S20 Ultra has five cameras.

Samsung S20 Ultra Camera VS iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera?

We can’t say one is better and second not. Both have very good cameras and both have special features which make a slight different from each other. The iPhone 11 Pro Max wins in dynamic range and video stabilization field while S20 Ultra wins in portrait mode photos.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Battery life

The S20 Plus has a 4,500mAh battery while the Samsung S20 Ultra has a 5000mAh. The Samsung S20 Ultra comes with a 25W fast charger but there’s also have the option to purchase a 45W charger for fast charging. The battery will last long on video calls during quarantine days, messaging, gaming, social media, browsing, and more general stuff.

We were able to charge the phone 21% in only 10 minutes, 63% in 30 minutes, and 99% in 1 hour. The S20 Ultra battery life remains standing the whole day but using 120Hz battery will die 9 hours 20 minutes. But we will not sure this whole above statement depends on what app you use and the result may differ.

Question from Battery

What is battery capacity of Samsung S20 Ultra?

This phone has a 5,000mAh huge battery. It can deliver you 12 hours of battery life at 60Hz while at 120Hz it maybe delivers 9 hours. Note this mention battery life drain on heavy multitasking.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is almost this smartphone which we need in this modern technology era. Samsung beat most smartphones companies this year. Samsung S20 Ultra has all those SPECS which we expect from the best smartphone. If you love small size phones then S20 Ultra is not fit for you.

Samsung pushed S20 series beyond the borders all S20 series smartphones are best of best but S20 Ultra is a superhero phone which conquers other superheroes. 5G (future proof) gives more edge to this smartphone. There is no doubt on its camera 108MP with 100x space zoom feature allows you to take pictures like a pro while its 40MP selfie AI camera makes S20 Ultra best camera of 2020.

It comes with Snapdragon 865 with 12GB RAM which is better than most of some laptops. The battery life is great but while using 120Hz you will see a little fast drain of battery life. For all those features you have to $1,400 starting price of Galaxy S20 Ultra. In last if you love the biggest screen & most powerful phone then S20 Ultra is best for you to fulfill your fragging need.

This post was originally published on 19, May 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Image Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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