Samsung Q60R QLED TV: The best budget TV in 2019

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Samsung QLED TVs, have a wide range of Q models has a high point. Its top-rated Samsung Q90 QLED, which earns the best TVs of 2019 with excellent performance. But on the other side the Samsung Q60R QLED which is half the price of Q90.

Samsung Q60 Qled
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As the Samsung Q60R QLED has some drawbacks like its edge display does not provide performance in high dynamic range (HDR). But there’s also have advantages like fast response time for playing games and superb TV-experience. Its delivers experience good but not great.

Samsung Q60R QLED: SPECS

Price $689.00
Screen size65 inches
Resolution3840 x 2160
HDR Quantum HDR 4X
Refresh rate120 Hz
Ports4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports,
Audio40 watts, 2.1 channels
Smart TV softwareSamsung Smart TV with Bixby Voice
Size 57.3″ x 36.1″ x 12.7″ inches [w/o stand]
Weight 58.2 lb. [w/o stand]

Samsung Q60 QLED: Price and Release Date

The Samsung Q60R QLED comes in various ranges of sizes its smallest size starts from 43-, 49-, 55-, 65-, 75-, inches and large size stop at 82-inches. Its range direct means is that this good for your smart home. Its price starting from $697.99 and released in 2019.

Samsung Q60 QLED: Design

Samsung Q60
Image Credit: Google Images

The design of the Q60R is great but simple. The TV has a typical Samsung design and looks a lot like the NU7100 from the last year. The controls are located on the front of the TV, under the logo. There is only a single button, but this is enough to do basic commands like power on or off the TV, or change between inputs.

It has a wide-set stand which is made of plastic but supports the TV fairly well. The borders of the Samsung QLED TV are relatively thin so look good.

Moving around to the side, the TV appears quite thin because TV using an edge-lit design which is good for those mounting it on the wall because it doesn’t stick out much. If you care about neat cables, then at the rear of the stand, you can place plastic clips to secure cables and mostly hide them out of the way.

Samsung Q60r Led Connections
Image Credit: Google Images

The inputs are also on the rear of the TV directed out the side. Like many new TV models, there is no component or composite inputs from older devices, opting instead for four HDMI ports plus two USB ports and one digital audio port.

As you might have noticed that Samsung Q60R QLED doesn’t use Samsung OneConnect Box that does quite a good job of hiding cables. Looking at the thermal image of the TV, we can see that most of the heat is generated from the LEDs at the bottom of the screen. While Samsung Q60R QLED does get quite warm it is not that to be an issue for normal use.

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Samsung Q60R QLED: Features

Samsung Q60R QLED carries more features in a higher range and added a new family member in Samsung TVs.

QLED comes with a 4K Quantum processor that brings to play 4K videos and games. Also, Samsung has AI-feature that brings upscale skills and processors to ensure excellent performance when using games and apps. A game enhancer makes a more rapid performance. When you playing game Forza Motorsport 6 on Q60R it is the very plum choice for gamers.

Samsung Qled
Image Credit: Google Images

Samsung interface is simple to use and its design shares qualities with LG OS which is not bad. There’s are also an option available for download apps and opportunity to grab hand or remote. But on things is that downloading the app you must require a Samsung account. Bixby Samsung assistant included Google Assistant and Alexa, Bixby works fine enough.

The quality of the screen is good but they have some bleed lighting in edges, but not applied to coat. Q60R provide the full well experience to all side of satisfaction to their performance and design and also as Smart TV.


One of the most important aspects of good dark room performance is a high contrast ratio. High ratio result in a big difference between dark and bright areas within the same scene, and a better-looking image with deeper blacks. The Samsung Q60R QLED has a high native contrast ratio of about sixty-three hundred to one, which is excellent.

Samsung Proccesser

There’s no ultra Wide Viewing Angle included, with Samsung Q60R. But they lose color saturation when an off-axis.

The Q60R supports HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+ but no Dolby vision. Watching Captain America on Samsung Q60R QLED provides a full 4K result to make sense of background details. The processing was the same as Q80R and Q90R for most of the used stuff.

Final Verdict:

If you are searching for cheaper TV in 2019 than Samsung Q60R QLED is the best choice for you. All-round package the Samsung provides great performance. It’s one the most important Game Enhancer which produces super-fast results, on another side Q60R HDR performance is limited.

The main reason is that Samsung uses the same technology features use in Q90R like Quantum processor, good audio, but lack of array panel means the picture quality performance is not good as higher series QLED’s.

This post was originally published on 16, December 2019, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Images Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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