Samsung Q70R QLED TV Review

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Samsung Q70R QLED is 2019 TV, which sits above the Q60R in the lineup with the notable addition of local dimming. So, we bought the US fifty-inch model to review, but it is also available in a wide range of sizes from forty-nine inches up to eighty-two inches. We expect these other sizes have very similar picture quality and performance.


Screen Size64.5″ Measured Diagonally
Resolution3,840 x 2,160
HDRQuantum HDR 8X
Ports4 HDMI and 2 USB
Audio40 watts, 2.1 channels
Smart TV softwareSamsung Smart TV with Bixby Voice
Size57.1 x 35.8 x 11.3
Weight54.9 pounds

Samsung Q70R Price and Availability

The Q70R is also available in other regions like Canada and the UK, and while there are differences in the full model code we expect them to also offer the same performance. It’s price starting about the $1,189.00.

Samsung Q70R QLED TV: Design and Display

The design of the Q70R is excellent. It looks very similar to other Samsung TVs like the Q8FN from last year. It has the typical Samsung stand that supports the TV well does require a larger table, as it is almost as wide as the TV. The controls are located under the Samsung logo at the front of the TV and serve as a D-pad to access a wide range of functions.

samsung q70r qled

Moving around to the side of the TV, it is relatively thin which is great. Unlike the higher-end Samsung models, the Q70R doesn’t support Samsung’s no-gap wall mount but still does not stick out too much. The back of the TV is made of good quality plastic and has horizontal ridges that run along the entire surfaces.

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Similar to older Samsung TVs, it includes guide tracks for cable management and the back of each leg is hollow to allow for the cable to run down. Unlike last year’s Q7FN, the Q70R does not come with the One Connect Box. The build quality is excellent, and you should have no issue with the TV. All inputs of this TV are directed out of the side of the TV, so while you can reach them if the TV is wall mounted it isn’t as easy as the models with a one connect box like the Q90R.

samsung q70r qled

Looking at a thermal image of the TV, the entire TV has a relatively even heat distribution. This is common on TVs with full-array backlighting, and overall excessive heat shouldn’t be an issue.

Samsung Q70R QLED TV: Picture Quality

A high native contrast ratio is important to produce deep blacks, especially in scenes that local dimming isn’t as effective. This tends to be scenes with bright and dark areas close together. The Samsung Q70R has an excellent contrast ratio allows it to display deep blacks in a dark room. The native contrast ratio is among the highest that we have measured so far on LED TVs.

This is better than TVs with IPS type panels, as some of the LG LCD TVs. Now, the local dimming is also very important to produce deep dark scenes. The Q70R has full-array local dimming, unlike last year Q7FN which is edge-lit and is also a distinguishing feature when compared to the Q60R that lacks local dimming.

samsung q70r qled

Just like with all Samsung TVs that have local dimming when subtitles appear you might notice distracting brightness changes in the scene. Now, if you sometimes watch from an angle or have a wide seating arrangement then good viewing angles are important to ensure an accurate image off-axis.

Like most TVs with VA type panels, the image of the Q70R degrades when viewed from an angle. Gamma shifts and the black level raises, so the best image is reserved for those directly in-front. Reflection handling is important for those who have rooms with a lot of light. The Q70R offers very good performance with a semi-gloss finish that helps to diffuse reflection across the screen.

We measure the peak brightness of every TV on a real scene test pattern, as well as on different size white windows. The Samsung Q70R has great brightness so it shouldn’t have any problem in most rooms. It isn’t as bright as the sony X950G or Samsung Q80R, but can still produce a bright enough image in SDR.

Samsung Q70R QLED TV: Performance

For those who watch sports or games, fast response time is important to reduce the amount of motion smearing. The Q70 provides overall excellent performance. Samsung Q70R QLED has a very fast response time, which is typical of many new LCD TVs. This is excellent and results in clear motion without much blur trail.

If you want the lowest amount of blur when gaming then this TV also has an option to adjust the flicker of the backlight, a feature known as black frame insertion.

The input lag of a TV refers to the time between an event occurring in-game, and when you see it on the screen. Low input lags important to gamers for a more responsive feel and to react quickly to action in-game. The input lag of the Q70 is very similar to the input lag of other Samsung’s TVs like the Q90R and Q60R.

The TV reacts almost immediately to your actions, which is great if you’re a gamer. Unfortunately, there is a bug at the moment on this and other Samsung 2019 TVs. When in Game of PC mode the TV will accept a 120 Hz signal but won’t display it without skipping every second frame. True one hundred and twenty-hertz support is possible in movie mode but does result in a slightly higher input lag.

This TV also supports automatic low latency mode, which is a neat feature that allows the TV to change automatically to the game mode when this Xbox or another console triggers it when a game opens.

Smart Features

Samsung Q70R has the same Tizen based smart platform as other Samsung TVs. It is very intuitive and easy to use, as everything can be accessed from the home bar on the bottom of the screen. The remote also works well with it and is very simple, but provides a lot of functionality. There is also a Bixby voice assistant which works well. Unfortunately though, like many new TVs, there can be ads on the smart platform including the home screen. Whether you see ads depends on if someone is paying to advertise to you, so you might have different results.


The Samsung Q70R has decent sound quality. It can get reasonably loud but not loud enough for noisy environments. Its bass provides a decent amount of punch, but it can’t produce any rumble or thump. For better sound, it is recommended to add dedicated speakers or soundbar.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Q70R offers the cheapest range of TV, to enjoy the full benefits of QLED TVs. HDR performance is excellent and its main feature including local dimming. quantum dot technology etc it’s super cool things. Overall this TV provides you the best experience of enjoying the wide viewing angles and provides great gaming experience.

This post was originally published on 13, January 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Image Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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