Samsung Q80R QLED TV Review: Ideal choice for buyer’s

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Today, we are reviewing the Samsung Q80R QLED TV. It is a high-end LCD TV, sitting between the Q70 and Samsung’s highest-end 4K model this year the Q90. As a result, it competes against high-end models from other brands like the LG OLEDs and Sony X950G. We bought the 55-inch model test, but it also available in 65-inch and 75-inches. We expect these other sizes to have a very similar picture quality.

It also knows as the Q80 and available in other regions like Canada, UK, and Europe. We also expect these international Samsung models to offer the same picture quality and performance. So in this review, we focus on Samsung Q80R design, performance, Picture quality, motion handling, input lag, and sound quality.

Pros ✅
  • Excellent brightness, contrast, and HDR
  • Good OS
  • Great performance
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby support, Apple TV ready
Cons ❌
  • No Dolby Vision
  • Lacks the Q90R’s One Connect box and pedestal stand

Samsung Q80R QLED price and release date

This Samsung TV is available in different sizes such as 55 – 65 – 85 inches and its price $1,797.99 and release date is 2019.

Samsung Q80R QLED Specification

Price $1,797.99
Screen Size64.5″ inches
Resolution3,840 x 2,2160
HDRQuantum HRD 12X
Ports4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports
Audio40 watts
Smart TV softwareSmart TV with Bixby Voice
Size57.1x x35.3 x 12.1
Weight56.9 pounds

Samsung Q80R QLED Design and Display

Samsung Q80R’s design is excellent. Its body is very similar to the Q70R, except for the metallic borders and the stand, which are different. The stand provides good support for the TV. The build quality is excellent, and you should have no issues with it. The controls for the TV are located under the front of the logo, and the 5 buttons serve as a D-pad which works well.

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It is also a very thin TV and it will not stick out much if you decide to wall-mount it. Unfortunately, unlike the Q90R it’s not compatible with Samsung no -gap wall mount to put it flush to the wall. The back of the legs is hollow to provide a path for cable management, which works well.

Samsung q80r qled tv
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung Q80R QLED has the most common inputs with four HDMI ports, which all support HDMI 2.0 which is now pretty standard. When you moving back around you can look at the TV through a thermal camera which is interesting to see the location of LEDs or electronics.

In this case, though, all of the LEDs are behind the screen due to the full-array backlighting so the whole TV has relatively uniform heat distribution. Samsung Q80R picture quality we will compare to currently available TVs, but competing models may change as new TVs released throughout the year.

back of samsung q80r qled
Image Credit: Samsung

This Samsung TV contrast ratio is high, especially in a scene that local dimming is not effective. This tends to be scenes with bright and dark areas close together. The Q80R can produce deep dark scenes as it does a high native contrast. At about three thousand six hundred to one it is within the typical range of VA type panels.

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This Samsung TV has an optical layer to improve viewing angles. Wide viewing angles are important for those who might sit off to the side due to their room arrangement, or gather a group of friends to watch sport. The Q80R has VA type TV which provides a more accurate image off-axis.

Samsung Q80R QLED Performance

Samsung Q80R comes with Quantum processor 4K and its Ultra Viewing angle trickle this model above. It manages bright whites against the dark background without damage the screen color. Samsung QLED all models make with most focus on his performance and enhance its user’s experience.

Samsung Quantum AI Proccessor 4k
Image Credit: Samsung

If you watch fast-paced content such as sports or plan to use for gaming then fast response time is important too reduce the amount of motion blur. The Q80R has an excellent fast response time. This is great for watching sports or playing games. Samsung TVs do depend on the TV set. The Q80R can Flickr as 60 hertz to match the most fast-paced content, which is great. A low input lag is also important to reduce the time between an action in-game and when you see it on the screen.

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Like other Samsung TVs, the Q80R has a very low input lag at about fourteen milliseconds for sixty-hertz content or six milliseconds for one hundred and twenty-hertz content. The Amazing intelligence built-in to every scene by adapting the picture brightness and sound to match the conditions of the room, an example image is given below.

samsung q80r qled
Image Credit: Samsung

This is excellent and in-line with the best TVs we have tested. There is also the option to interpolate low frame rate content while keeping input lag low, which many people like for low frame rate games and is currently a feature unique to high-end Samsung.

The TV also supports automatic low latency mode, which is a neat feature that allows the TV to change automatically to the game mode when this Xbox or another console triggers it when a game opens.

Smart TV (Tizen) and Remote

Now, this TV has the same Tizen based smart platform as other Samsungs. It is easy to use, as everything can be accessed from the home bar on the bottom of the screen. The remote also works well and is very simple but provides a lot of functionality.

Like many other high-end TVs, there is a voice assistant but unlike other brands, it uses Samsung Bixby. Unfortunately, though like many new TVs there can be ads on the smart platform including the home screen. Whether you see ads depends on if someone is paying to advertise to you, so you might have different results.


Samsung Tv Speaker
Image Credit: Google Search

The Samsung Q80R QLED has decent sound quality as the TV can get loud enough for most environments. It has decent punch and body to its bass and delivers a well-balanced dialog. However, this Samsung TV can’t produce any thump or rumble in the sub-bass region. For better sound, a dedicated sound system is recommended.

Final Verdict

So overall, the Samsung Q80R is an excellent TV for a wide range of different usages. It is very useful when it comes to extreme HDR performance. Samsung’s punchy image quality and viewing angles make a person buy it his first look.

This post was originally published on 5, January 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Image Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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