Top 5 cool gadgets you should buy in 2020

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Nowadays, as technology expand the inventions also expand and make life easier to easier. We use most of the gadgets in daily life, but having a useful gadget must your need. Looking at this market need we gonna tell you the top 5 cool gadgets you should buy in 2020.

Here’s top 5 cool gadgets you should buy-in 2020

1. Ludi case

Top 5 cool gadgets

This device is externally identical to a traditional phone case. The gadget made of durable polycarbonate reliably protects your phone from scratches and damage from falling. On the back of the case there three knobs in the rotating disc in the middle. A relief area and three metal balls are located on the underside of the rear panel for you to play with your fingers. Thanks to the Ludi case application which complements the playful functions.

2. String Bike

Top 5 cool gadgets

The main feature of this futuristic bike is the total absence of the chain. According to the designer and concept, the bicycle wheel moves using several strings. When the pedals are pushed the strings stretch alternately rolling and unrolling in the pulleys on either side of the rear axle. The balance of the system provides a smoother ride and greater efficiency and the string bike can go much faster than a normal bike. More addition is motion is a silent exception the tire creaking. The bike is equipped with a 19-speed gear system.

3. Vortx

This stimulator recreates the physical sensation of the virtual environment, during a video game or movie. This possible by creating air current of different intensity and temperature. This allows the user of the stimulator to feel the cold heat or wind as well as changes the weather conditions of the virtual world. Vortx also resembles the standard loudspeaker you can connect to any PC and install it on the table next to the monitor. Vortx also analyzes the audio or video streaming in real-time to stimulate the right environment.

4. OXSight

OxSight mainly creates to show that virtual reality technologies can be used not only for entertainment purposes. It’s a new development based on augmented reality technology and computer vision algorithms. Which helps people to navigate better in space and live without a cane or guide dog. OxSight can adjust these specific characteristics of each user and improve visual signals increasing image contrast, brightness and other parameters needed.


This sports gadget is kind of a google glass analog intended for uses swimming pools. These swimming goggles with built-in projection screens are equipped with a small unit. This unit sits on the user’s temple and reads the heart rate during training. In addition, the pulse of the glasses also records and center the screen the time of each life. In the pool, calories burned the duration of training and information on twenty other conditions. ZWIM battery lasts 4 hours and after training the device automatically synchronizes with a smartphone and transfer all collected data to a special application.

This post was originally published on 19, January 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Image Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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