Top countries by the fastest internet in 2020

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In the 1960s the United States started the first project of connecting cities with cables. And in 1969 the first muss was sent using this project from the University of California to Standford Research Institute.

This was the first time when internet concept was taken into action. Later it started rapidly spread all across the US and Europe. Now, the whole world is connected to the internet.

So that’s why we compiled the list of world’s top 10 countries by fastest internet.

10. Japan

Top countries by the fastest internet

Japan is one of the global leaders in the Internet economy and one of the first in Asia to get internet access. In Japan, almost 100% of businesses have access to the internet. The first rollout of the internet in Japan was started in 1988 with a speed of 65 Kb per second.

But in 2019 many operators in Japan are offering internet connections with speeds up to 1 Gigabyte per second. At this time the average speed of the internet in Japan is 33 Mbps per second.

9. Belgium

Top countries by the fastest internet

Belgium is a Western European country and the first mainland European country to undergo modern industrialization. This country has one of the best internet infrastructures available in Europe and in 1997. Belgium has undergone a Europe wide internet program that connected the internet in Belgium with most of the other Europeans countries. The economy of Belgium gave a boost to the internet and now 90% of people in Belgium have access to the internet. The average speed of the internet in Belgium is about 34.2 Mbps.

8. Denmark

In March 1985 Denmark’s government started rolling out Internet connections across the country. The first to get these connections for universities with a speed of 56 KB per second. In 2019 Denmark has over 5.5 million internet user’s which make up 97% of the total population of this country. The average internet speed in Denmark has 34.6 Mb per second.

7. Switzerland

Top countries by the fastest internet

Switzerland is a small country located in Europe and sharing a border with three major economies in Europe France, Germany, and Italy. This location makes Switzerland a hub for major internet developments in the past. It has the highest concentration of internet connection in all of Europe. At present Switzerland has over 7.8 million internet user’s which is 94 percent of its population. The average speed of the internet in Switzerland about 35.2 megabits per second.

6. Australia

Top countries by the fastest internet

The first permanent internet access in Australia was established in 1989. First broadband service was started in the 1990s with speed up-to 64 Kb per second in the coastal regions of this country. In 2019 peoples in Australia can enjoy the internet up to gigabits per second. Currently, there are more than 22 million users in this country that is 87% of the total population. The average internet speed in Australia 37.4 Mbps.

5. Singapore

Before the internet, Singapore was the first country in the world to launch an interactive information service to the public. It was converted to the internet with starting speeds of 2 Kb per second.

At present is considered one of the efficient and well-connected internet economies, with 4.95 million peoples connected to the internet. The average speed in Singapore is 39.3 Mbps.

4. Netherlands

According to the organization OIICD, the Netherlands is ranked with Switzerland. The Netherlands has the most broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants with no bandwidth cap applied and minimum internet speeds of 50 Mbps. The survey of 2019 Netherlands had 16.4 million internet user’s with average internet speed is 42.4 Mbps.

3. Canada

According to Canadian government peoples of Canada spend more time online than anyone else in the world with an average of 45 hours of internet usage monthly. Canada is closer to one of the major internet economies in the world. Canada benefited majorly in terms of economy and investments in internet infrastructure. Uses of internet in Canada about 34.6 million users and average speed is 42.4 Mbps.

2. Norway

Norway is a Western European Nordic country with one of the highest percentages of internet penetration in the world. About 99.3% of the total population uses the internet according to Open Signal 3.5 million internet user’s in Norway and an average speed of about 48.2 Mbps.

1. South Korea

South Korea is an industry leader in internet technologies such as 4G and 5G. The internet protocol network that is IP networks in South Korea was started in May 1982. Which is one of the earliest internet deployments in the world. South Korea already launched nationwide 5G internet facilities which makes them one the earliest adapter of 5G technology in the world. The average internet speed in South Korea is about 52.4 Mb per second.

This post was originally published on 19, January 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

Image Credit: Google Search/HA Bytes

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